Human Investing serves the financial pursuits of employers and its employees by championing their company benefits.

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Our World-Class Team


We're a fiduciary: transparent and legally bound to put your interests first and foremost. Many advisors promise this but surprisingly less than 2% can deliver on it. 

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Our Retirement Plan Approach

We help companies of all sizes create or transition their retirement plans under these four pillars:


STEP 01: INVESTMENT Policy creation and review  


STEP 02: Building and recommending mutual fund line-ups


STEP 03: Ongoing investment monitoring


STEP 04: Asset category reviews



Participant Education

We equip employees and participants to make the best choices for retirement throughout their tenure with your company. 


For new hires: client Onboarding, new hire benefit orientations


For all employees: one-on-one meetings, education blog articles, Group Seminars, Advisor call-In Line


For Retirees: Integrated Financial planning, custom account management